Safe Streets - Park Heights

A Personal Side of Safe Streets – Park Heights

An integral part of the work we do in Park Heights includes focusing on “changing lives.” A part of this effort is the Safe Streets team and their focus on reducing violent crimes and shootings in the Baltimore City Police Department’s Post No. 612. It’s because of their efforts, and those who volunteer with them, we’ve been able to change lives in Park Heights.

Recently Leila Atassi of, spent time with the Safe Streets – Park Heights team to better understand their work and how it might be a useful strategy for the violence epidemic in Cleveland, OH. In her article, Atassi understands a part of the program’s success is the credibility of the team, she writes:


The [Safe Streets] approach draws upon the street credibility of the team members, many of whom once sold drugs or served time in prison for committing crimes in the neighborhoods they now serve.

The article then provides personal narratives and video vignettes of team members Aaron “Sherm” Fennell, Shawn “Shawn P” Pressley and “Pumpin’ Paul” Frazier.

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