A Southern Park Heights Renaissance

This month marked the dedication of the Jean Yarborough Renaissance Gardens, the first new residential building constructed in Southern Park Heights in close to 40 years. This 60-unit independent living apartment complex for limited income seniors will serve as the cornerstone for a revitalized Park Heights neighborhood.

Developed by CHAI: Comprehensive Housing Assistance, Inc. and Park Heights Renaissance (PHR), the project demonstrates how two neighboring community organizations, working together, can begin to affect change. CHAI worked closely with PHR to secure the HUD grants needed to get the project off the ground. The two groups are partners in the development of the project and the ownership entity.

Local political and business leaders spoke at the dedication, including Baltimore City Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Council President ”Jack” Young, Councilwoman Sharon Middleton and Howard E. Friedman, Chair of the Board, The Associated.

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Story courtesy of The Associated, Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore.