Burglary Prevention

Taken from: Baltimore Police Department Northern District Community Crime Prevention

Burglary Prevention

• -Keep the area around your house well-lit
• -Trim Back shrubs and bushes
• -Secure all doors and windows, including garage doors
• -Keep all doors locked even if you are home, but working in the yard
• -Do not open the door to anyone you do not know
• -always acknowledge someone at your door (used to determine if you are home)
• -Teach kids how to answer the door I phone
• -Consider installing a burglar alarm
• -Display “warning signs” in front of your home
• -Complete a home inventory list
• -Engrave your drivers license number on your property
• -Never leave a house key in your mail box or under your doormat
• -be observant of repair men, construction workers or others who might be thieves
• -notify police of suspicious behavior
• -write down description and tag numbers
• -get to know your immediate neighbors

Larceny From Auto Prevention

• -Never leave your vehicle running and unattended
• -park in well-lit, highly visible area with high foot traffic
• -keep doors locked
• -keep all windows and sunroofs closed
• -never leave valuables in plain view
• -place purchases in the trunk, stop home to drop them off

Robbery Prevention

• -Be aware of your surroundings at all times
• -carry yourself with confidence and alertness
• -Avoid using headphones, cell phones and tablets as they limit your ability to be aware of your surrounds
• -try to travel in groups and when other people are around
• -walk in well-lit areas, avoid alleys and deserted areas
• -limit your visible valuables such as cash, jewelry and electronics
• -remain alert before entering and exiting your vehicle and home
• -a backpack or purse with a strap should not be worn across the body, it should be carried under the arm
• -If you suspect suspicious activity, change your walking direction, head to a public place or call

If you are a victim


• Do not enter your home
• Go to a safe place and call911
• Do not touch anything
• Do not start to clean up the area
• Prepare a list of items taken

Larceny from Auto

• Call 911 to report the crime
• Do not touch the vehicle
• Prepare a list of taken items


• Cooperate and do exactly what the robber asks
• Tell the robber if you need to make any moments
• Try to keep calm
• Do not attempt to follow the suspects
• Try to remember the best detailed description possible

Thanks for being a partner in our crime fight

This inventory form is provided for you to document all items of value inyour home . It is best to document as much detail as possible. The form will be beneficial to you and the police, to help the police track down the items. Once the form is complete, put it in a secure place, so that it can be turned over to the police should they need it. An engraver is available for check out from the Crime Prevention Unit in order to create owner applied information.