STEM Achievement in Baltimore Elementary Schools

The Johns Hopkins University, in partnership with Baltimore City Public Schools, has received a $7.4 million grant over five years to fund STEM Achievement in Baltimore Elementary Schools (SABES).

The National Science Foundation award aims to leverage the skills and resources of the schools, community, and businesses in three high-minority, low-resource city neighborhoods. The goal is to integrate science into a child’s world as opposed to bringing a student into the world of scientists.

The project focuses on 40 elementary school teachers and 1,620 students in grades 3-5 at nine elementary schools in three neighborhoods. It will involve JHU students and professors, teachers, caregivers, community-based organizations, after-school program providers, area businesses and local museums.

At Johns Hopkins, the award will bring together researchers from the Whiting School of Engineering, the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences, and the School of Education. Michael Falk (shown at right), associate professor of materials science and engineering, mechanical engineering as well as physics and astronomy, will serve as the principal investigator of the project.

Participating Park Heights Schools

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