Free City Trash Cans

 Smaller Trash Can Option Available to Certain Properties

Baltimore City DPW responds to concerns about size, storage of standard municipal trash cans; sets eligibility guidelines



BALTIMORE, MD – The much-anticipated rollout of municipal trash cans in the City of Baltimore will include an option for owners of certain residential properties to request a smaller, 35-gallon trash can, announced Baltimore City Department of Public Works (DPW) Director Rudy S. Chow, P.E.

A pilot program in Fiscal Year 2015 determined that standard, 65-gallon trash cans work well with a wide variety of housing types and collection points, and help create cleaner, healthier neighborhoods. Attached and stand-alone houses, front and alley collections, narrow and more spacious properties all were able to enjoy the benefits of the standard cans.

But a decision to expand the program citywide elicited concerns that the cans would not fit with some urban properties or lifestyles.

The most common concern about the standard cans is they are too big for homes with front collection and nowhere to conveniently store the cans. In response, DPW developed an option that allows owners of properties that are part of block-long row houses, have front collection, and no exterior storage space, to request a 35-gallon can that is easier to store.

“We heard from some residents, almost as soon as the Municipal Trash Can program was announced last summer, that they wanted an alternative to the standard 65-gallon can,” said Mr. Chow. “In response, we found a way to provide more modestly sized 35-gallon cans to many of these residents.”

Owners of properties that fit the requirements and who would like the smaller can may call 311 to submit a request, and DPW will confirm that the property is part of a block-long group of row houses, has front collection, and no exterior storage. Calling by Feb. 19 will assure delivery of a 35-gallon can; calls after that date will be considered but DPW cannot guarantee that all subsequent requests will be fulfilled.

There is no need to call to receive the 65-gallon cans. Every residential property in Baltimore that receives trash collection from the City will receive the standard municipal trash can.

By providing standardized cans with attached, tight-fitting lids, wheels that allow the cans to be easily rolled, and handles to conveniently move them, the City expects to see cleaner neighborhoods, fewer rodent complaints, and a streamlined collection process that eases strain on the workers.

The delivery of the cans is expected to start in the latter part of February. It will take five or six months for all eligible properties to receive their cans. The delivery will be preceded by a door tag notifying residents that the can will be delivered in about 10 days, and updated delivery schedules will be posted on DPW’s website, Each can will come with an insert reminding residents how to use and care for the cans.

The cans remain the property of the City of Baltimore and should be left at the residence in the event the property owner or renter moves out.