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Since 2010, 97 people have purchased homes through PHR’s pre-purchase counseling program. Thirty-one of those individuals purchased homes in the Park Heights master Plan Area. PHR is recognized by the Baltimore City Department of Community Development as a designated housing service provider. PHR is a HUD approved housing counseling agency, as such, we are able to certify, our participants for homebuyer education and closing cost assistance. PHR administers multiple programs City Lift, Community Development Block Grants; Live New Your Work; Community Partners, Inc.; Section 8 Homeownership Programs; City Employee Assistance Program, amongst others.

Pre-Purchase Success Story: Mr. Fields

Myron Fields has been a renter his entire life. He had given more than 10 years to this community by coaching youth at James D. Gross and C.C. Jackson Recreation Centers. After receiving housing counseling from Park Heights Renaissance, Coach Fields purchased a home on Hilldale Avenue. We welcome Coach Fields to our community. In addition, we thank him for his many years of volunteering to our youth. Welcome Coach Fields!

Closing Cost and Down Payment Assistance

In 2010, Park Heights Renaissance launched its Homeownership Assistance Program. This program provides an incentive (without income restrictions) to potential homeowners that purchase a home within the Park Heights Master Plan boundaries. Park Heights Renaissance has provided incentives to several new homeowners in Park Heights. Park Heights is now the new home of an FBI agent, a teacher, an engineer, a Social Security Benefit Specialist and a Giant Supermarket Manager.



Since 2010, Park Heights Renaissance has offered assistance to residents who are experiencing hardship and facing possible foreclosure. PHR serves as an independent agent to help both the homeowner and the lender come to an amicable resolution to mortgage foreclosure cases. PHR assists residents through the maze of paperwork that is associated with loan modifications, workout plans and settlement agreements. To date, PHR has assisted more than 50 foreclosure and default counseling clients and provided many successful modifications. PHR has been designated an official Emergency Mortgage Assistance (EMA) Referral Site.

If you are a homeowner experiencing mortgage delinquency and facing the threat of foreclosure, know that there are opportunities available to help you to save your home from foreclosure and to help you get back on track with affordable monthly mortgage payments. We can discuss your options, including refinancing, repayment plans, and mortgage modification.

Foreclosure Prevention Success Story: Mr. Dixon

Arnold Dixon has resided with the Park Heights community for many years. A divorce, coupled with child support payments, left him with an income that wasn’t adequate to cover his monthly mortgage. Mr. Dixon found himself several months behind with his payments and soon faced foreclosure.

In his efforts to avoid foreclosure, Mr. Dixon called Park Heights Renaissance for assistance. After gathering the required documention, Mr. Dixon found himself face-to-face with the Housing Services Coordinator at PHR. The Housing Services Coordinator advised Mr. Dixon on the foreclosure prevention procedures. She contacted Mr. Dixon’s lender and began the paperwork process.

Mr. Dixon was able to to recieve a loan modification that his present financial situation.

Congratulations on maintaining your home Mr. Dixon!

Homebuying Workshops

Homebuying Workshops

Park Heights Renaissance (PHR) is committed to providing housing counseling and all other housing related services for our clients. Our Housing Services team provides and inspires potential homebuyers, new and current homeowners, and tenants throughout Baltimore City and Baltimore County with pre-purchase, post –purchase, mortgage default, foreclosure prevention and tenant/landlord counseling.

A primary goal of the Housing Services team is to provide and promote self-sufficiency and empowerment to potential buyers. In our efforts to educate the community we have designed educational courses to assist you in your endeavors of becoming a homeowner and maintaining homeownership. The on-line courses consist of the following major counseling topics:

  • Financial Planning
  • Appraisals
  • Understanding Credit Reports
  • Ownership Responsibilities
  • Loan Applications
  • Default & Foreclosure
  • Benefits of Homeownership
  • Qualifying Guidelines
  • Home Searching
  • Contract of Sale
  • Mortgage Payments
  • Home Inspections

By the end of each online workshop you will be more knowledgeable about home ownership opportunities. In addition, once you’ve completed the required hours, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion that will allow you to take advantage of several financial assistance opportunities available.

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eHome Workshops

Incorporated in November 2007, Park Heights Renaissance (PHR) is a non-profit 501 c-3 corporation representing residents, businesses, religious institutions, schools, agencies, and other stakeholders committed to shaping a better future for Park Heights.

PHR is the on-the-ground organization responsible for ensuring that objectives within Park Heights Master Plan are implemented. PHR opened their offices to commence the community revitalization of the Park Heights target area that is bounded by Northern Parkway to the North, Wabash Avenue to the West, Greenspring Road to the East, and Druid Hill to the South.

3939 Reisterstown Road, Suite 268
Baltimore, MD 21215
410.664.4890 Ext.118

PLEASE NOTE: PHR requires the client to contact them for a follow up session prior to issuing your certificate of completion.

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  • Shop for a home
  • Maintain your home

Certificate of completion awarded upon completion if allowed by Partner Agency
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