Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

Since 2010, Park Heights Renaissance has offered assistance to residents who are experiencing hardship and facing possible foreclosure. PHR serves as an independent agent to help both the homeowner and the lender come to an amicable resolution to mortgage foreclosure cases. PHR assists residents through the maze of paperwork that is associated with loan modifications, workout plans and settlement agreements. To date, PHR has assisted more than 50 foreclosure and default counseling clients and provided many successful modifications. PHR has been designated an official Emergency Mortgage Assistance (EMA) Referral Site.

If you are a homeowner experiencing mortgage delinquency and facing the threat of foreclosure, know that there are opportunities available to help you to save your home from foreclosure and to help you get back on track with affordable monthly mortgage payments. We can discuss your options, including refinancing, repayment plans, and mortgage modification.

Foreclosure Prevention Success Story: Mr. Dixon

Arnold Dixon has resided with the Park Heights community for many years. A divorce, coupled with child support payments, left him with an income that wasn’t adequate to cover his monthly mortgage. Mr. Dixon found himself several months behind with his payments and soon faced foreclosure.

In his efforts to avoid foreclosure, Mr. Dixon called Park Heights Renaissance for assistance. After gathering the required documention, Mr. Dixon found himself face-to-face with the Housing Services Coordinator at PHR. The Housing Services Coordinator advised Mr. Dixon on the foreclosure prevention procedures. She contacted Mr. Dixon’s lender and began the paperwork process.

Mr. Dixon was able to to recieve a loan modification that his present financial situation.

Congratulations on maintaining your home Mr. Dixon!