Lights of Unity

FullSizeRender (2) On March 28th Baltimore premiered their first annual Lights City Baltimore. According to their website, “Light City Baltimore is the first international light festival in the United States.” It was a positive and peaceful event that ran from March 28th through April 3rd. There was live music, local performers, local artist and artist from around the globe. I’m sure the city spent a good amount of money and energy putting this event together, and the outcome of the city’s unity made it all priceless.

FullSizeRender (1)Diversity stood at its best and literally lit up the entire down town area. As a city we get so tied up in the nonsense and playing the blame game of whose fault it is when something destructive happens, that we don’t show praise when something positive comes together. Yes, we have heard of police brutality, shooting, robberies, but what is done when the positive happenings in Baltimore don’t go viral? What do the people of Baltimore do to keep the trouble down? I feel Baltimoreans are more focused on the neighborhoods they live in or whom they associate with than promoting positivity. For example, if there was a shooting and the person was killed or badly hurt and it was said the police did it, there would be an uproar because it was law enforcement. On the other hand, if there was a citizen who killed another citizen,there is no unrest. There’s not a rally or protest of killing one another because there is a “reason for it”, but police just “kill for no reason”.  There seems to be a battle between Baltimore citizens and law enforcement because of a morale double standard.


Surprisingly, with so much negativity going on in this city, there were no reported incidents that took place. Instead of focusing on the negative, I think we should focus more on a solution to make Baltimore a safer and more enjoyable city.There should be more events of unity put together by Baltimoreans. I saw community marching bands, local business, and organizations from the Baltimore community come together as one this past week to make this wonderful Light City Baltimore happen. I applaud Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts, BGE and other sponsors who worked hard for this event to come together and put something positive and family oriented for the people of Baltimore. Make unity go viral with volunteering, helping the homeless, and mentoring opportunities. Be more generous with funding for, not just youth events and resources, but family events and resources. Get involved!