Park Heights Community Services Application

The approved FY 2017 Pimlico Local Impact Aid budget has allocated a total of $150,000 to improve the built environment and human services aspects of the Park Heights Master Plan eligible area.  Community groups or service providers may prepare proposals to apply for these funds, subject to the grant guidelines specified in the application, to provide services to benefit community residents.  These services should complement, but not duplicate, other services provided in Park Heights.

A number of well-established and well-regarded organizations offer services to families, adults, and seniors living in the Park Heights community.  These groups do not have access to the youth-focused Requests For Proposals offered by the Family League and the Mayor’s Office of Human Services (separately funded by Pimlico Local Impact aid), yet provide valuable services.  For FY 2017, the Pimlico Community Development Authority (PCDA) will recommend award of operating grants to groups providing a range of services, such as employment and job training, activities for seniors, community engagement and capacity building, and community health and wellness initiatives.  A streamlined application process, to include a statement of work and proposed budget according to the budget application herein provided, will be evaluated by PCDA.  For the FY 2017 grant allocation process, proposals from Neighborhoods United, Park Heights Community Health Alliance, the Zeta Center and St. Vincent de Paul will receive elevated priority and expedited review, per an adopted PCDA Board Resolution, to recognize that these organizations were identified as potential Local Impact Aid recipients during the spending plan budget process which occurred in fall 2015.

Park Heights Renaissance’s role in this application process is limited to solicitation of grant applications and fiscal administration of the selected programs.  Park Heights Renaissance will manage these grant funds and be responsible for grant administration and monitoring for a flat fee of $10,000, leaving $140,000 for grant awards.

PCDA will make recommendations on proposals to the Mayor’s Office, which will have final approval for all grant awards.  No grant award shall be considered final until a written approval letter specifying the award amount and any necessary award terms is issued to the awardee by the City of Baltimore.

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