Below are links to quarterly reports and documents showing the specifics of slots revenue allocations, as listed on the website of the Pimlico Community Development Authority (referred to as PCDA). Additional information may be obtained by contacting Mary Clapsaddle, Baltimore City Department of Planning, (410) 396-1453

Meeting Announcements

The Pimlico Community Development Authority will be hosting two more opportunities for community groups to refine their project priorities for possible funding:

  • Thursday, September 24, 2015, at 6:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday, October 13, 2015, at 6:00

both are to be held at the Pimlico Race Course.

Please use this document “Things to Think About” to help define and fine-tune your project idea.

The PCDA has issued an informational statement on the Community Consensus Process for Fiscal Year 2017 Impact Aid deliberations.

PCDA liaisons have been assigned to each area to get a better understanding of the community needs and priorities, and staff from the Department of Planning are available to assist you:

  • Park Heights Master Plan Area – PCDA Liaisons Ramsey Harris, Patricia Simms, Del. Barbara Robinson, John Henderson; Planning Staff Mary Clapsaddle (410-396-1453) or Sara Paranilam (410-396-5935)
  • Northwest Community Planning Forum SNAP Area – PCDA Liaisons Camille Burke, Roslyn Smith, Sen. Catherine Pugh; Planning Staff Mary Clapsaddle (410-396-1453)
  • Liberty-Wabash Area – PCDA Liaisons Mereida Goodman, Avrahom Sauer, Beth Huber, Del. Nathaniel Oaks; Planning Staff Chad Hayes (410-396-3958)
  • Coldspring Newtown – PCDA Liaisons Gloria Cinquegrani, Tanya Wade, Sen. Lisa Gladden; Planning Staff Mary Clapsaddle (410-396-1453)

Pimlico Local Impact Aid Quarterly Reports*

As a part of the legislation governing the distribution of Video Lottery Terminal (i.e. VLT) funds – most commonly known as “Slots Funding” – Baltimore City is required to provide reports of how the local impact aid funds were utilized. Following are reports as released by the Mayor of Baltimore City.

* New State legislation required Baltimore City to report quarterly on the status of projects funded with Pimlico Local Impact Aid.

FY16 Pimlico Area Slots Revenue Allocations

Healthy Neighborhoods Inc. Fiscal Service Agreement

FY 15 Pimlico Area Slots Revenue Allocations

FY 13/FY 14 Pimlico Area Slots Revenue Allocations