Park Heights Schools

Arlington Elementary/Middle School

Address3705 West Rogers Avenue

GradesPre-K – 8
Phone Number410-396-0567

Creative City Charter School

Address2810 Shirley Avenue
GradesK-5 with plans to expand to K-8
Phone Number443-642-3600

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary/Middle School

Address3750 Greenspring Avenue

GradesPre-K – 8
Phone Number410-396-0756

Edgecombe Circle Elementary/Middle School

Address2835 Virginia Avenue
GradesPre-K – 8
Phone Number410-396-0550

KIPP Charter School

Address4701 Greenspring Avenue
GradesPre-K – 8
Phone Number410-367-0807

Langston Hughes Elementary School

Address5011 Arbutus Avenue
GradesPre-K – 5
Phone Number410-396-7827

Northwestern High School

Address6900 Park Heights Avenue
Grades9 – 12
Phone Number410-396-0646

Pimlico Elementary/Middle School

Address4849 Pimlico Road
GradesPre-K – 8
Phone Number410-396-0876